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  • The 4th Workshop on Tropical Cyclones

    Posted On : 08-Oct-2018


    1. Introduction

    The exceptional climatic conditions, including cyclones and flash floods, are one of the most important challenges facing the world, especially in recent times, lead to significant financial and human losses, which in turn is reflected in the development of the economies of countries and the disruption of economic development. During the last decade in 2000 the Sultanate was hit by two hurricanes (exceptional climatic conditions); Guno in 2007 and Phet in 2010. Heavy rains accompanied by high and strong floods have caused extensive destruction involving various infrastructure, roads, communication lines and public water supply lines, as well as the destruction of many farms, buildings and private property. Recognizing the importance and necessity of unifying the efforts of experts and water stakeholders to exchange knowledge and experience in the field of tropical cyclones and flash floods, as well as reducing negative impacts of natural disasters, in addition to the early development of natural disaster risk management systems and the development of early warning systems that would contribute to forecasting and preparedness, the Oman Water Society has implemented three previous symposiums in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Based on the great success of the previous three symposia, the Omani Water Association intends to organize the fourth symposium in order to highlight the actions and preparations made by the concerned authorities to confront such natural phenomena in the future.


    1. Workshop Objectives
    • ·         Highlight the Sultanate's experience in mitigating cyclones, flash floods and lessons learned.
    • ·         Review the achievements of concerned authorities in the field of precautions to reduce the risk of flooding.
    • ·         Overview the latest technologies and solutions to reduce the negative effects of cyclones and flash floods.
    •           Global experiences in cyclone preparedness, relief and rescue preparations.