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 OWS in the News

  • Oman’s International Conference on Water Engineering and Management of Water Resources (OICWE2020) The conference will be held in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman on 9-11 November 2020 at the Military Technological College (MTC)

    Posted On : 01-Dec-2019

    OWS will participate in the conference's scientific committee where Sustainable water future is a global concern and is of particular importance where water resources are scarce. Sustainable water future can only be achieved by responsible management of water resources with a focus on enhancing the environment. Ensuring a clean and safe water supply relies on the responsible management of water resources. National and international water suppliers spend billions each year in order to enhance the infrastructure for water supply and maximize the utilization of water resources.

    This conference provides an interesting opportunity to share ideas, discuss new technology, and explore innovative techniques and present the latest research result with international colleagues, academics, engineers, policymakers and government organizations.

    The conference will cover a wide range of topics at the heart of water engineering and management of water resources, including treatment, resources management, distribution systems, water losses, sustainability, energy efficiency, reclamation, recycling, reuse, regulations, policies, costs, decision making, modelling, design, maintenance and construction of water infrastructure. (attached brochure )