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 OWS in the News


    Posted On : 03-Nov-2013

    The Oman Water Society will organize a seminar on "Role of Produced Water in Sustainable Development Plans of Al Wusta". The workshop will be held in Al Duqum for two days 09-10 December 2013. Al Duqum has become an important promising economic center area in Al Wusta Governorate. Water produced and associated with the production of oil or gas (PW) represents large amounts of production as a volume, Conversely, quantities of PW must be considered as "resources and not just a nuisance". In this context, the Omani Water Society aims through the establishment of this seminar to:

    • Highlight the quantity and quality of water associated with the oil-producing (PW).

    • Assess the possibility to take advantage of water associated with oil as a non-traditional source of water can be used for industrial and agricultural purposes.

    • Provide a forum for national and international experts to meet with local authorities and governmental organizations for presentation and discussion of development plans, and the exchange of ideas and experiences to understand the needs of the region and to discuss the role of water associated with the oil in sustainable development plans in the region

    • Shed light on the water situation in Al Wusta Governorate and Al Nejd region. All concern parties and specialists are invited to share their knowlge and experience to the event.