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About Us

Oman Water Society (OWS) is a non-profitable non-governmental organization (NGO) found by professionals working in both the Government and Private Sectors who are involved in the water management, water supply and water projects.

The aim of this Society is to create a platform for professionals with interest in water to exchanging ideas, researches, discuss challenges, enhancing their knowledge and expose themselves to the latest technology in the field.

It is to the interest of the Country as well as the Water Sector to have all (stakeholders) or at least most of the professionals working in the water and waste water field in this Society.

Integrated water resource management is one of the mechanisms that will be employed by the society to bring together all the stakeholders in one common discussion panel.

Being an NGO, Oman Water Society (ows) will be the focal point for all water related issued to be discussed. Local, regional as well as International organisations can participate in such form.

Oman water society will develop its business plan in very systematic approach. The plan will address the short, medium and long terms requirements as seen fit by the society board. Ows at its short term plan can deliver the followings:

The society will encourage all interested parties to participate in the above mentioned events. Public sector is very well address to take part in such activities although for non-members.

Country related topics will take priority in delivering the water seminars and events. For instance cyclones, climate changes, groundwater, desalinization, agricultural development etc. Ows believes such related topics will not only encourage professionals to participate but also the other stakeholders (i.e. public, farmers etc) Similarly, a big national project such as a big dam or a big water supply scheme might be a good topic for a Seminar or a Workshop.

Young professionals would be available source to increase the number of associates within the society. Therefore, OWS will target such new/young professionals by introducing the society to them. The society can offer them Associates membership until they obtain the full membership after their graduation.

In its Medium Term Planning, the society, and when the idea is well introduced to the governmental and private sector engineering community, OWS may extend its activities to include the followings:

One of the most important points that may help in promoting OWS is to work hard in introducing the Society to the decisions makers and to show its importance, the services it can offer and how positively these services can reflect on the overall performance of the industry.